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The Silence of Knitting: Newark

The Silence of Knitting

Mon 11th Nov 11am




Lace placed at the site of Ransome and Marles munitions factory in Newark which was bombed killing 41 people during WW2, the date of which was thereafter named ‘Newark’s Blackest Day’.

Performed by  Elaine Winter and friends who have given me permission to share their thoughts about taking part in The silence of Knitting

Yesterday was really moving as we learnt a lot about the town we live in and for me personally, about an awful loss of life on the road I live on…
‘In August 1941, a British bomber crashed onto a house in London Road, Balderton and burst into flames. Two of the crew and 6 children who were asleep in the house were killed. Their mother just managed to escape with one of her sons. Their father who was working on the railway saw the crash and thought that it was near his home but carried on working until his shift finished a 6pm.’
We thought about laying a wreath there but thought it best to be sensitive to the people who live in the house on that site now.  
Elaine Winter 12th Nov 2013

Photographs courtesy of Elaine winter and Gill Jennison

The Silence of Knitting was conceived by Dawn Cole and was part of Silent Cacophony that took place across London and beyond

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