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A postcard from France

There are so many posts that I am in the middle of writing and finding it difficult to decide which order to publish them in and so am posting this one while i decide.

Postcard from France

Postcard from France

I bought this postcard recently in a little second hand shop in Margate. It was the wonderful colours that caught my eye, and of course as it was a postcard obviously sent during WW1 I just had to buy it. It had been sent to a Mrs J Fletcher.

Reverse view

Reverse view

By strange coincidence on 29th Sept 1915 Clarice writes
‘When we arrived a sister said she had sent for the matron who would be round in a minute.She duly arrived and proved to be a charming lady. Very much like Mrs Fletcher to look at.’

I have no idea who Clarice’s Mrs Fletcher might be, but how strange if it was the same one as on the postcard.
I have had a look on the 1911 Census but can’t find anything. Will keep searching to see if i can find the Mrs J Fletcher of the postcard

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