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London Printworks Trust – the second Resting Place

I have been rather remiss in writing on my blog of late. The past 6 weeks seem to have been rather chaotic and I now think I will need to write at least 3 new entries to bring myself up to date.

The beginning of November seemed a very busy time with no man’s land and then the opening of the second Resting Place at London Printworks Trust, Brixton on 12th Nov.
resting place

I have to admit I was very apprehensive about this show. This was the first time I had exhibited work that I considered unfinished or incomplete. But that was the purpose. It was to present the development of this project to date and to exhibit the work I had been doing during my residency at LPT. When I had written my propsal for Arts Council funding this exhibition was aimed at being the presentation of a new body of work and was to provide me with an opportunity to develop an audience and potential contacts for the touring aspect of the project.

My apprehension was unfounded. Although LPT is not perhaps the right space for the work, it worked extremely well. The private view night was well attended, with interesting conversations developing over the course of the evening and some very sound feedback for the work so far. Many of the people I had invited caame along with some specific contacts I had made during my research that I had hoped would come so that I could develop future links with them.

Several very positive results came out:
firstly I am very pleased that I will now be collaborating with Platform-7 (www.platform-7.com) on the touring aspect of the project. My experiences with no man’s land and working alongside poets, performers and musicians had confirmed my thoughts that a conventional touring exhibition was not appropriate. Seeing the pillowcases laid out in the enclosed space at LPT made me realise that the work needed to be exhibited outside. It was always my intention to take the work to places relevant to Clarice’s journey. Ramsgate, Banstead, Charing Cross, Clerkenwell, Folkestone, Boulogne and Wimereux are all mentioned in her diary and these will be the starting points to research. Exhibiting the work on a train and a boaty/ferry are also on the list. When I began this project back in Feb I had thought that I would like to work with other visual artists, to develop an exhibition of work all inspired by the First World War. However, the laying out of the pillowcases for the exhibition, and then the collection of them at the end felt more like a performance in its own right and I regret not arranging for this aspect to be filmed. However, it is how I see the project going forward, as a series of performances and spoken word that will take place outdoors at sites appropriate to the journey Clarice made.

Platform-7 have a very successful portfolio of projects in unusual settings and having their experience, knowledge and expertise will enable me to develop Resting Place and my own practise in a completely new direction. Exciting times ahead, but first to plan how the project will be financed.

The second positive result of the private view night was a visit from Jane Wildgoose. I was first introduced to her project’ The Wildgoose Memorial Library’ back in February 2012 but had not had an appropriate opportunity to make contact with her. An invitation to my pv seemed the right way to make contact and i was delighted when she came along. A brief discussion and several emails later and i am now preparing to visit the library.

Taken from her website: http://www.janewildgoose.co.uk/
THE WILDGOOSE MEMORIAL LIBRARY (WML) is an ongoing accumulation of reference material that informs Jane Wildgoose’s work as an artist and writer. A constantly evolving work in progress, and a place for meditation and consultation on universal themes of life and death, the WML began as an informal collection of objects and books relating to Wildgoose’s enduring fascination with the interest of the dead to the living, and a research resource for her work as a designer/maker for theatre and film.

I am hoping this visit will further my research and help develop my work in relation to Clarice’s archive.


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